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October 20, 2012
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nami's influence map by Nami-Tsuki nami's influence map by Nami-Tsuki
i finally did one of these wow!
um i have way too many influences and i wanted to include as many of them as possible so i didn't fill it out according to the rules haha ANYWAY HERE WE GOOO

1. DISGAEA! the most obvious one... it was love at first sight...! i was only like 12 or something when i first played it and from then on it was my favorite thing forever. literally every aspect of disgaea is really inspiring to me, but specifically i really love harada's artwork!! he has a really unique style and i have a crush on even his tiniest doodles. his coloring is just absolutely gorgeous and his designs are like WWOOOAAHHHH <33 he's definitely my hero of all time.....

2. OKAGE: SHADOW KING! another game i'm completely in love with...! the story and characters and whole world it was set in was really memorable and unique, and the aesthetic of the whole game i just.... I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCH AAAHHHH!

3. MADOKA MAGICA! as far as the story goes, i'm really inspired by homura's character, and also by madoka and the whole message of never giving up hope and stuff! i guess it's sorta cheesy but i'm not afraid to say i'm totally in love with that kind of thing...... anyway! when i first started watching this anime i was a little put off by how the characters looked, particularly their faces haha... but what kept me watching was the experimental animation with the witches, and i'm still really inspired by all those with fights and how unique they were! it really set madoka apart from any other anime i'd seen. i don't mind how the characters look anymore, and i always thought their outfits were super cute anyway <333

4. JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! a more recent obsession... araki's artwork is really amazing, and his manga is always so creative and interesting, and i just love how there's nothing out there quite like jojo! i have a lot of respect for him considering how long he's been drawing this manga and like how totally huge it is in japan. i loved that araki just did whatever he wanted and made it really interesting, and also how he's so brave with colors, specifically how he just never really decides on a particular color pallete for a character and seeing all the variations on the covers was like... ahh so cool. also i especially love his little doodles between chapters, like they're just scribbles and blocked in value but they look so FUCKING GREAT AND EVERY SINGLE LINE HAS AN EXACT PURPOSE AND IT'S JUST, FADJKF PERFECTION?? ARAKI YOU'RE SPECTACULAR AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW ELSE TO SAY IT OKAY

5. ZETTAI HERO PROJECT! i really loved the art style in this game, and i loved the story a lot ;o; i don't care if it was super cheesy, everyone had like a sense of humor with it yknow so it totally worked! they had a lot of good lessons in it and idc if you think it was preachy and lame I LOVE IT OKAY ZHP YOU ARE GREAT DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE BB

6. OYASUMI PUNPUN! asano inio's work is way different from anything i've ever seen and i love how he just throws in stuff that's like totally abstract against his realistic backgrounds and anime-real (if that's a thing??) characters, but it all works somehow!! and the way the story would just be like really dark and everything is really shitty for the characters but then it takes a break from that for just a full page of like, looking over the horizon at sunrise, like that kind of simple beauty? it's just like... ahhh.... <33 amazing

7. MONONOKE! wow this anime was super cool! i love the aesthetic, like they went for the look of like woodblock print stuff? and it's so textured and flat and just LOOKS SO COOL ANIMATED AND STUFF I JUST........ i really loved it ;o;

8. GIGIDIGI! i've kinda been following her since she was making all those silly video game comics as hiimdaisy... i've always loved her style and sense of humor, but more than anything i love her use of color!! every page of cucumber quest i just... i'd drool all over it if i had it in print wow!

9. SAKANA! mad's art is super swell and her comics are really awesome and i love how she draws, like how her character designs use a lot of simple shapes and everyone has a great silhouette AND SHE'S SO FUNNY AND BRILLIANT AND i love her quietly from afar........

10. SPACE FUNERAL! if you haven't heard of this game, i suggest you go play it! i thought it was super neat and it makes me draw really weird stuff sometimes, i just can't really describe what exactly influences me most about it but i just... love it as a whole i guess haha. IT'S A REALLY WEIRD LOVE.......


12. GURREN LAGANN! i really love a lot of what gainax puts out but i think ttgl might be my favorite? i liked FLCL for a lot of the same reasons so... idk, i really love that they can push things so far, um i guess what i mean is that i think they're not afraid to do whatever they want and that's a big part of why they're so successful! anyway i really love the look of ttgl and just how over the top everything was. one of the things i loved most were the little title card things because like aesthetically those are rad as fuck

13. YUME NIKKI! wow what a neat game! all the different worlds in it were so interesting and i loved piecing together a little story of sorts for all the stuff in it, and reading theories about the characters and stuff in it was a lot of fun too. kikiyama did a really great job giving it a dreamlike feel, and i loved how much the game could tell you pretty much wordlessly! yume nikki definitely isn't for everyone but i really enjoyed it haha

14. KATAMARI DAMACY! those games have a special place in my heart... i really love rainbows and bright silly things and the music from the games really inspires me and it's all just so much fun... <33 idk katamari is super great!

15. ADVENTURE TIME! wow everything about that show is amazing?? i love the character designs and the music and the stories and the humor and just everything in ooo.... it's just all so colorful and feels like it could be a real place, like the universe is really fleshed out and i like that about it a lot. and ice king's character is like... my favorite wow


AND THAT'S NOT EVEN ALL THAT INSPIRES ME?? sometimes i wonder if i'm just too easily influenced, or maybe just really easily impressed by a lot of things...?

ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE/THINGS THAT INSPIRE ME A TON: earthbound/mother, journey, pokemon, wind waker, minecraft, the secret of kells, studio ghibli, samurai jack, ppg, flapjack, gravity falls, amazing world of gumball, motorcity, lauren faust, jhonen v, egoraptor, katie teidrich, tyson hesse, coelasquid, kate beaton, darkchibishadow, jami cardwell, toki, briggs, tsukiko, koge donbo, hidekaz himaruya, junji ito, humanity has declined, hyouka, nichijou, tsuritama, chuunibyou, mawaru penguindrum, and tons of artists on pixiv and tumblr!!
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SweetPeachlikeToxic Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Student General Artist
omg you know Okage: the shadow king, that was one of the 1st few ps2 games I would play. Glad to know you like it.
Penensio Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Oh my, I lost my shit at Kamina. The dude shaped me into the man I am now.
Dscapades Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
number 2 looks unique... great list lol great list i says XD broken record here people!!!
RoboGuy9000 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student General Artist
"Wind Waker" Oh yes, Wind Waker definitely showed it's good to take risks with art directions as the payoff can be extremely rewarding (Wind Waker will never looked outdated in my opinion)
Nami-Tsuki Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
i really love the look of it and yeah it's not outdated graphically, i mean it's probably help up the best out of a lot of zelda games

some people hate how it looks and think it's the worst thing ever and to those people i just want to say

i am going to punch your face in gosh darnit
RoboGuy9000 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student General Artist
this basically sums up the Zelda fanbase pretty well.
YohhamG Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Am so glad thah am not the only one who really likes Okage the shadow king.
Nami-Tsuki Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
i'm always surprised when people know about it

because i always assume i am like the only fan
YohhamG Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
minty0219 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Well Kamina influences everyone...
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